Where We Started

One facility with one vision. Working in the health care industry as a Doctor our founder became frustrated with the long wait times, chaotic waiting rooms, a simple lack of resources for care givers to do their job. Our founder wanted to create a place where care givers can focus on their practice and patients can receive the care and attention they deserve. Our founder started off with the idea to open up a free-standing emergency room that offered superior personalized care to patients. His goal was to provide a service of offering emergency care that was accessible to all with little to no wait times. This facility would offer physicians the chance to change how emergency medical care is delivered and practiced. Family Hospital Systems (FHS) founder started Family Emergency Room (FER) in 2013 and opened the company’s first free-standing emergency room in Cedar Park, Texas

Where We Are Now

The idea started off with one free standing ER facility and now we have grown into Family Hospital Systems (FHS). We now cater to each individual community with a wide range of facilities and specialty programs. Whether it’s general checkups or emergency care the community always has access to the care they need, when they need it. Our doctors and nurses are dedicated to providing compassionate care for families 24/7. 

Family Emergency Room at Cedar Park

Our Goals For The future

With the ever-changing climate of the health care industry, we will always be growing. As a company we still see opportunity to bring new resources, treatments and personalized care for our patients. We are always looking for providers who are passionate about their practice and give quality care. Together we work to simply keep each community we are in healthy. If you would like to learn more about becoming part of the Family Hospital Systems click below to see the careers available.

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