Meet Our Team

Dr. Henry Higgins

Chief Executive Officer

Mary Dale

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Than Greenwood

Emergency Room Physician | Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Daniel Matulich

Chief Financial Officer

Susie Williamson

Vice President of Operations
& Financial Management

Matt Alewine

Chief Nursing Officer

Liza Castano

Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Stratton

Director of Communications

Isaac Higgins

Director of Implementation & Technology

Marc Daniels

Director of Laboratory Services

Bruce Campbell

Chief Imaging Officer

Dan Hobson

Rise Director & Business Development

Melanie Gray

Bodily Injury Claims Manager
Lisa Switzer

Lisa Switzer

Director of Outpatient Imaging

Nicole Campbell

Claims Analyst

Jeffrey Livingston

Area Director of Texas Hospitals

Scott Leslie

Purchasing Manger
Family Emergency Rooms & Hospital Systems

Matt Lockett

Area Director of Operational Support