Family Hospital Systems Standard Practices

Family Hospital Systems is committed to providing friendly, cost-effective care that treats our patients like our own family. We are consistently trying to stay on top of the many changes impacting the healthcare industry including ever evolving CDC guidelines, updated medical treatments, and legislative and court decisions impacting the industry. Recently, there have been many changes in the laws that have caused some confusion with personal injury cases and the no surprise billing act and price transparency laws.  

Transparent Billing

We are also committed to working directly with our patients to provide a transparent billing process.  Patients at Family Hospital Systems can expect our staff and Patient Advocates to explain our billing practices in a straightforward manner that will help eliminate confusion of a very complex medical billing process. We are in the process of updating and publishing the most common procedures, costs, comparisons and self-pay rates.  

Suprise Billing

While Family Hospital Systems is not in network with many of the private insurance companies, we do work with all insurance companies on your behalf to get your bill paid. We will only ask that you pay the co-pay and deductible that your insurance requires. We can offer payment plans and alternative sources of payment, if required based on your financial capability. We DO NOT balance bill/surprise bill; that is, we will not ask you pay the difference between what was charged and what your health insurance provider paid. Period.   

Medical Records

Our medical records staff is here to help patients obtain their medical records in compliance with all statutory requirements. A patient or a patient’s legally authorized representative may request a copy of their records in accordance with the Texas Health & Safety Code §241.154 and at the cost specified in such statute.  

Personal Injury

Our medical and support staff are prepared to treat any emergency, from car accidents to heart attacks. Based on our locations, we routinely get a large volume of motor vehicle accident patients. Recent Texas case law clarified the type of discovery that may be sought from medical facilities. Based on such a ruling, there has been a large increase in the volume of discovery requests being served on the medical facilities and the legal team.  

Due to this large increase in discovery requests, Family Hospital Systems is committed to complying, but please be advised of the following: 

  • All discovery requests must be served in compliance with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. 
  • Any discovery requests will be invoiced per Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 205. 
  • All HIPAA requirements must be met before personal health information can be disclosed. 
  • All efforts to comply as quickly as possible to the request will be made, but based on the current workload, response time is taking about 45 days.  

Additionally, Family Hospital Systems:  

  • Does not accept Letters of Protection (LOP) 
  • Does not have in-network contracts with private or public payors 
  • Is not enrolled with Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare 

Medical Record’s requests by a patients’ attorneys If a patient is represented by legal counsel, patient’s legal representative may request a copy of the medical records in accordance with the Texas Health & Safety Code §241.154 and at the costs specified in this statute. Alternatively, the patient’s legal representative may request records through Family Hospital Systems’ medical records database at a flat rate fee by contracting.