Partnership with Rise Recovery

Rise Addiction Recovery Services

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to collaboratively utilize our network of high-quality treatment solutions with a full continuum of care so that we may improve the ability of our clients and their families to interactively achieve and sustain long-term recovery.”

Vision Statement:

“To loosen the grips of addiction and create a better world one family at a time.”

Value Statement:

“We will always be guided by the principles of love, openness, honesty, integrity, courage, respect, individuality, and balance…”

Services offered by Rise Recovery:

  • Interventions
  • Case Management
  • Certified Recovery and Life Coaching 

Meet the Team

Dan Hobson

Dan is the founder of Rise Recovery Services, Inc. He brings more than a decade of experience in interventions, recovery coaching, transports, owning and operating big name treatment facilities, building programs, working with thousands of alcoholics and addicts and their families, and always goes the extra mile to make sure clients and their families get the results they are looking for. Finally relocating to Texas, he is an equally dedicated family man to his two daughters, one son, and his wife, Jordin.

Jordin Hobson

Jordin is Dan’s better half and completes the team at Rise Recovery Services, Inc, she provides the needed female perspective we need. She has years of experience in both substance abuse and specializes in eating disorders as well. She has an amazing capability to meet clients where they are and help them to see and believe that long-term recovery is possible. Jordin is also the person who makes all of our work with ZULRESSO possible. We would not be complete without the knowledge, experience, and skills she brings to our Team.

John Arceneaux

John was born in Houston, TX and his family hails from throughout Louisiana.  He has more than 20 years experience working in psychiatric hospitals, various substance abuse rehabilitation programs, and medical clinics.  John is a Co-Founder of Rise Recovery Services.  Among the many positions he has held over the years John has experienced the greatest personal fulfillment  serving as a recovery coach, ARISE trained interventionist, and as an advocate for addicts and alcoholics entangled in the court system. John has assisted several substance abuse programs in the area of Operations.

Zach Timber

Zach is the Director of Case Management at RISE. He brings a multitude of skills and a personalized desire to watch addiction be conquered. Through personal experience he has developed expertise which enables him to help our clients and their families receive the best acute care. Through his guidance, we have had much success with long-term recovery with our clients. We are honored and pleased to have Zach as a leading part of this team.

Family Emergency Rooms
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