Imaging Services

We provide cutting edge imaging services for precise diagnosis and rapid results for our patients.

Imaging Services

Family Hospital Systems offers imaging for rapid results, whether outpatient or diagnostic, we are here 24/7.

Outpatient Imaging

Family Health Systems can provide diagnostic out-patient imaging that is requested by orders from other physicians. If patients are looking to do this testing please contact one our patient coordinators to schedule this.

Diagnostic Imaging

Family Health Systems has high quality equipment to aid in your care with us. From on-site Ultrasound, X-ray, EKG, CT Scan, and MRI imaging to on-site lab diagnostic processing, your results are fast and complete.

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Our Equipment

Please note you must have a physician order to have study done. If you do not have an order, please refer to primary care page for cost.

  • We do accept insurance for imaging services prices. However please note the prices will vary greatly from those stated below. To get price estimate
  • One or Two studies based on physician order
  • Outpatient imaging rates with Cage Free Care

 X-ray- $50

Ultrasound- $250

CT-scan- $250

MRI- $425

$100 added if contrast is used

Thirty-day (30) complementary individual- primary care membership provided by Cage Free Care

 Emergency Care Membership $139/m (emergency imaging only)

 Annual Primary Care Plus Membership $150/m (Outpatient and Emergency Imaging)

We accept insurance for imaging services