Joint Pain Relief Is Here

FHS has partnered with top specialists to offer joint injections with minimally invasive, arthroscopic imaging technology. This allows the clinicians to clearly view, evaluate and treat joint conditions in the comfort of one of our homelike facilities.

The Most Commonly Affected Joints

knee joint


hip joint


shoulder joint


elbow joint


ankle joint


wrist joints


Our community is very active and joint pain can limit our ability to do the things we love to do with our family and friends.

Joint pain and damage can be caused by acute injury, strains, sprains, illness and degeneration. Many individuals suffer through their joint pain for several years before considering treatment options that may be available. FHS’ non-narcotic treatment allows you to get back to doing what you love, without the downtime of surgery.

Joint Surgery Alternatives- Joint Injections

Scheduling & Procedure

  1. Our physicians utilize a minimally invasive, arthroscopic imaging technology allowing them to clearly view and evaluate joint conditions in one of our comfortable, convenient facilities
  2. A numbing spray will be applied to the incision site followed by an anesthetic injection
  3. The scope is inserted into small incisions at the site of the joint pain
  4. The targeted-access canula images illuminates the joint condition and provides video and still images
  5. Once the source is identified, the scope is removed
  6. No sutures are required, and a band aid is placed over the incision
  7. The procedure takes approximately 10 minutes providing real-time results for the best course-of-action
  8. An in-office diagnosis can eliminate additional procedures and the healing process can start immediately
  9. Patients report little to no pain during and following the procedure.
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