Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders

If you are feeling off, overwhelmed or depressed is completely normal after pregnancy but these effects can become problematic over extended time. Learn how we can help address these symptoms and get you or your loved one feeling themselves again.

Postpartum Depression Resources

                                                                                               *Information from NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health

How do we treat PMADS?

 We treat PMADS using Zulresso, or Brexanolone. The treatment is an injection, that is given intravenously in patients experiencing perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. The IV infusion will be monitored and administered over a 2.5 day period in one of our Family Hospital Systems (FHS) locations. Mothers will stay in a warm, home-like environment with board certified and licensed medical staff providing superior service and care. All FHS facilities have modern, advanced services including a full lab, x-ray, Ultrasound and CT.

Testimonial of Success with Zulresso

Alaina, an Austin, TX. mom, was one of the first patients to receive the Zulresso IV Infusion Therapy, despite many preemptive measures were taken prior to the birth of her second child including a regular course of an anti-depressant medication and psychiatric counseling. Alaina shared her story and outcome with local news outlets. Two days after treatment, she started to feel a lot better. She stated, “I feel like I don’t have a big black cloud hanging over me.” One week after treatment she added, “I feel like my prayers have been answered. I finally got the treatment I deserve and my kids have themom they deserve.”

Connected Forever Millard Nebraska

The mission at Connected Forever is to support families who have experienced a pregnancy loss, infant loss, or a NICU journey by providing resources, education, and emotional support.

This organization is located in Millard, NE.

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