Henry Higgins MD

Dr. Henry Higgins

Chief Executive Officer, Emergency Care Provider

Dr. Henry Higgins is a renowned medical professional and the founder of Family Hospital Systems, a leading healthcare system in Texas and Nebraska. Dr. Higgins has dedicated his career to improving healthcare access and quality for families across the country, by focusing on creating affordable healthcare.

After completing his medical degree at West Virginia University in 1996, Dr. Higgins began his career at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as a resident in Neurological Surgery. He later went on to complete his residency at Charleston Area Medical Center in Internal Medicine.

During his 15 years of working in Emergency Departments and Level One Trauma Centers, Dr. Higgins recognized a growing need for high-quality, affordable healthcare services in Texas. In response, he founded Family Hospital Systems, a network of hospitals, emergency centers, and clinics that provide comprehensive healthcare services to patients of all ages. Under Dr. Higgins’ leadership, Family Hospital Systems has become a leading provider of primary care, urgent care, emergency care and specialty services, with a focus on delivering personalized care that meets the unique needs of each patient.

Dr. Higgins remains committed to his goal of improving healthcare for families across the country. He continues to work tirelessly to expand Family Hospital Systems’ reach and improve the quality of care it provides to patients.