FHS Members Enjoy Primary Care, Emergency Care, Imaging, & Labs at no additional cost

Healthcare Services in One Place, for A Single Price. Giving you Peace of Mind & More Control Over your Well Being

Primary Care

Mental Health Consultations

Labs & Testing

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20% off Discount with yearly purchase


$ 125 Per Month


$ 225 Per Month


$ 335 Per Month

Monthly Memberships: have a one-time $100 enrollment fee that will be processed with the first payment. 

Yearly Memberships: waive the enrollment fee and come with a discounted rate.

What makes this program truly special is the ease and peace of mind it provides. Members can enjoy a hassle-free healthcare experience without the stress of dealing with insurance or paperwork. Simply show up at the facility and receive timely, personalized medical care. The healthcare membership program offers not only easy access to cutting-edge healthcare but also helps individuals and families stay healthy with a focus on preventive medicine.

Meet our Providers at FHS

Xenia Kempf

Primary Care Provider

Monique Graves

Primary Care Provider

Bonnie Thomson

Primary Care Provider

Mona Saberi

Primary Care Provider

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Looking For More Health Insurance Offerings?

Our health insurance agents can assist you with finding health insurance policies to pair with your healthcare membership. Visit our website to find a local health agent who can assist you with your health insurance needs.