Meet Our Team

Dr. Daniel Matulich

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Henry Higgins

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Than Greenwood

Emergency Room Physician | Chief Medical Officer

Jennifer Patton

Chief Nursing Officer

Liza Castano

Chief Operating Officer

Margret Sedlar

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Lopez

Physician Liaison

Isaac Higgins

Director of Implementation & Technology

Marc Daniels

Director of Laboratory Services

Paula Kahla

Accounts Payable Specialist

Shelly Penn

Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Dr. Sahni

Brain & Spine Specialist

Dan Hobson

Head Of Rise Recovery

Monique Graves

Primary Care Provider

Erica Dempsey

Primary Care Provider

Natalya Stadler

Primary Care Provider

Courtney Deavers

Primary Care Provider
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